2-in-1 Dog Car Seat & Comfy Indoor Lounge Bed

2-in-1 Dog Car Seat & Comfy Indoor Lounge Bed

An Innovative, High-End Pet Car Seat Designed by Pet Owners for Pet Owners.


“Do you want to go for a ride in the car?”


We’ve been dog owners most of our lives, and every dog that we’ve had instantly started wagging their tail when they heard that question.


Our newest little fluff ball, Margot, is no different.


She could be on the other side of the house, and if she hears those magical words, she’ll come running.


Keeping our dogs safe and secure while in the car has always been important to us, and also quite a challenge.


We tried various pet booster seats over the years, but none of our dogs seem to like them.


They’d sit in them for a few minutes and then would try to hop out. 


We really didn’t want to stick them in the trunk in a dog car cage, so we decided to design a car seat that all small and medium dogs/cats will love.


Margot would certainly provide her feedback!


It took us months of research, design, and testing, but we finally nailed it.


The Mar-Got Dog Car Booster Seat was born and truly provides an unmatched riding experience for pets.


Here Why This Seat Is Second to None:

  • Made from a luxurious, comfortable fabric

  • Water-resistant, machine washable, and durable

  • Equipped with a removable, reversible cushion

  • Anti-slip bottom keeps the bed from sliding around

  • Easy to install & remove to use as an indoor bed

  • Comes with a seat belt leash for added safety

  • Available in 3 eye-catching colors